< Corporate Philosophy >

To provide products that contribute to society through our constant efforts in pursuit of technological improvements with emphasis on craftsmanship

< Corporate principles >

Customer first Quality first Simplicity and fortitude

< Features of products and technologies >

Utilizing CAD/CAM technology, Tokushu Denki carries out consistently, from design to manufacturing, high-reliability products, such as car electronics centering on electronic controllers for construction machinery.

Tokushu Denki is certified to ISO/IATF 16949 and ISO14001. The quality of products produced making full use of excellent production equipment such as electronic component surface mounters corresponding to minute size parts, 3D-AOI, and in-house inspection equipment is highly rated by the customers in or out of Japan.
In recent years, we also design and manufacture construction machine related products aiming at autonomous driving such as telematics and IMU.

<Work on coexistence of “manufacturing” in Japan and overseas>

In order to maintain and enhance international competitiveness, we believe it is important to maintain design development and manufacturing sites in Japan. In 2003, we established local subsidiaries in China (Shanghai) and the United States (Illinois) and are working to expand our business through global orders with the headquarters and the Chinese plant as manufacturing bases. We will continue to actively promote human resource development, create an environment in which each employee can work, and unite the company and employees to increase customer trust and satisfaction.

         Sincerely yours
         Tokushu Denki CEO
         Nobuhiko Onoda

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